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  • Dependence 

Dependence impacts everyone differently. From being an unwanted nuisance in your life, to completely destroying your life. Drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, food, video games, soft drinks, anything. Dependence comes in many forms, and what all dependencies have in common is they unbalance our lives and have the potential to devastate us. If dependency is standing in the way of  you living a full and happy life, please contact us. We can help you break the "cycle"

  • Anger management

Anger is a very normal and natural human response. It is merely an expression of fear, hurt, frustration and pain. Anger becomes problematic when it is uncontrollable, prolonged, and is expressed in a destructive and harmful way. If your anger is controlling your actions, please contact us. We are not here to get rid of anger, we are here to help you manage it and express it in a constructive way. 

  • Anxiety and depression

Depression and anxiety can effect specific aspects of our life, or it can impact our entire existence. Depression is the extreme version of sadness, and anxiety is the extreme version of nerves. Both sadness and nervousness are very natural human responses. Think about your first day in a new job, or that sad movie you watched. As humans, we will always experience sadness and nerves at different stages. These feelings are only problematic when they are extreme, prolonged, too frequent, and make our every day lives unmanageable. That is when they become Anxiety and Depression. If depression and anxiety are casting a long shadow over your days, please contact us.  We can help you manage these debilitating feelings and live a full and balanced life. 

  • Professional issue

A workplace can sometimes become a pressure packed, intense, all consuming, highly stressful, competitive environment. Colleagues, the boss, deadlines, KPIs, difficult customers. It can become overwhelming. Issues and challenges that we may normally take in our stride, become amplified at work. Making them appear insurmountable. They are not. And sometimes, all we need is a different perspective to see that. If your work life is becoming a source of "dread", if all the enjoyment has been lost at work, please contact us. We can help you strike a balance and put work into perspective. 


  • Drug and alcohol

The image that most people have of those with drug and alcohol issues, is the addict passed out in the gutter, or the sad old drunk begging for spare change on the corner. Although there are those who fit this image, the truth is that drugs and alcohol can affect anyone from any walk of life and any age. Doctors, law enforcement officers, CEO's, tradies, high school students, artists,people in strong loving relationships, mums, dads, old and young,  the list goes on. Highly functional members of the community, who appear to not have a care in the world, can be facing a very personal and private battle with drugs and/or alcohol. It's important to note, that people with drug and/or alcohol issues are not always addicted to these substances. For example, a person may only drink alcohol three times a year, but when they do, they become violent, or depressed or suicidal. The point is, you don't have to be an addict to suffer from drug and alcohol problems. If you feel your drinking habits or drug intake are having a negative or destructive impact on your life, talk to us. We can help you take back control of your life, free from the anchor, and captivity of drug and alcohol related issues.


  • Bullying and bullying behavior

Bullying is not only a serious issue, it appears to be on the increase. Bullying can take many forms. Verbal, physical, cyber, social and more. It can be quite subtle or openly aggressive. It can occur in the workplace, at home, school, online, social circle, sporting club, anywhere.

Bullying is normally intentional. However in some cases, a bully may not even be aware of their behavior. 

Either way, victims of bullying can experience both short and long term severe emotional and psychological effects.

A bully will target their victim, look for vulnerabilities and then attack them relentlessly. The pleas of the victim for the bully to stop are interpreted by the bully as an invitation to "go harder".

If you have been, or are currently, a victim of bullying, please contact us. We will help you fortify your capacity to deal with the bullying and the effects of it. And we will help you strengthen your emotional and psychological resilience. 

If you believe you may be displaying bullying behaviour, and would like counselling, please contact us. We will  provide you with methods and tools to help you eliminate your bullying behaviour


  • Family

The traditional family was once considered to be " Mum, Dad, and 2.5 children". Of course, we all know that today's family comes in many forms. Only child families, divorced single parent families, never married single parent families, same sex parented families, childless families, extended, blended, step, adopted, foster, just to name a few. And it doesn't stop there. Consider the divorced single parent family who lives with their extended family, who have adult children, one of whom is in a same sex parented family, with adopted children.  

Everyone's definition of a family is different, and every family is different. However all families have something in common. 

They are all made up of individuals with differing opinions, attitudes, personalities, and even beliefs. Yet they are expected to function as a cohesive unit. Like a well oiled machine. This isn't always possible, and it is completely natural for conflict, arguments, misunderstandings, clashes, bickering and debate to arise. 

YOUR family does not have a monopoly on these things, and they are not "crazy".  

The key is to address these issues in a constructive and helpful manner. Before they become destructive, hurtful, "the norm", hostile, and erode the very fabric of a family. 

If you're arguing about the remote control, join the club. However, if it feels like your family is crumbling or falling apart due to conflict and a lack of communication. If you believe your family could use some support for any reason at all, please contact us. We can help you find the unity, peace, cooperation, trust, communication, and balance your family deserves.  

We cannot help with the remote control.  

•Loss and grief.   

When most people think about loss and grief, their first thought is of a death of a loved one. And although this is a major source of loss of grief, it is not the only one. 

There are many reasons a person may feel loss and experience a grief response. Including the passing of a loved one, or the devastation for those left behind when a loved one takes their own life. There is also the loss of a job/employment, relationship break up, retirement or any major lifestyle change, the passing of pet, significant financial loss, moving house. The loss or theft of sentimental items such as jewelry or an item of clothing. Being betrayed by someone we trust, the end of a friendship. There are no rules. If a person feels loss, it can be due to anything that is important TO THEM, meaningful, central, precious, TO THEM.

No one person's grief is more or less valid than anyone else's. Regardless of the source, the feeling of loss can be emotionally and psychologically overwhelming. 

It is important to understand that the feelings of loss and grief are deeply personal. Everyone will react and respond in their own way, even to the same loss. For example, twin brothers may have a completely different response to the death of their father. 

Something that is often discussed in regards to loss and grief, is the "stages of grief". Some believe, this is the process a person must go through before they can fully understand and accept what they're feeling. The "stages" are experienced in a particular order. 

1. Denial

2. Anger

3. Bargaining

4. Depression

5. Acceptance

Depending on who you speak with, "guilt" can also be a stage, slotted in between "anger" and "bargaining".

This may be precisely how it works for some. Others may experience some or all of these "stages", but in a different "order". And then, there will be others who experience, grief in an entirely different, personal and individual way. Sadness, loneliness, hopelessness, detachment, a sense of feeling numb, that your world will never be the same, confusion, fear. Drastic changes in eating and sleeping patterns. The list of responses is endless.

The point is, there are no rules, there is no right or wrong way to grieve. Suffering a loss, and experiencing and expressing an intense grief response can be overwhelming. If you are experiencing loss and grief, you don't need to suffer alone. We are here to help. 


  • LGBT (Also referred to as LGBTIQ)

We believe the many challenges and issues faced by the LGBT community are generally universal and common among all people. However we understand that there are certain issues that can arise, that are specific to the LGBT community. Sexual orientation, dealing with homophobia and other discrimination, coming out , isolation and more. At BCAP, we are proud of our commitment to all our clients, from all walks of life, to provide a safe, nonjudgmental, professional and caring environment for those seeking help and support.

  • Marriage and relationships

Being in a relationship can be wonderfully rewarding and it can add great value and joy to our lives. 

It can also present us with a number of challenges. Sharing our life with another person is not always easy and although relationships come in many forms, they all have things in common. 

Relationships are made up of individuals who come together to form a unit. This in itself can create all sorts of challenges and difficulties. 

Money, trust, infidelity, controlling behaviours , abuse, neglect, communication, sexual issues, commitment issues, intimacy, the list goes on. 

Relationship issues, more so than most other issues, are highly emotional. We become frustrated, angry, sad, nasty, irrational, we say things we wouldn't normally say or mean, and we become "stubborn".  The issues, conflict and emotions "snowball" and take on a life of their own, to the point where we forgot what we were arguing about in the first place.

Relationship counselling can help us identify the areas in a relationship that require work. Counselling helps couples to attack the issues, rather than each other. Working together, communicating, understanding, compromising, and cooperating  to achieve outcomes that are beneficial to all parties. Ideally, leading to a stronger, loving, united, positive, fulfilling, joyous and empowering relationship.

Couples, or individuals within the relationship, can sometimes have concerns about relationship counselling.  These concerns can include "airing our dirty laundry to a complete stranger" or "we're ok, we don't need counselling" and the most common concern is "bias". Some people believe  that their counsellor may be biased for or against one partner in the relationship, or they will "take sides". 

At BCAP, our aim is to help couples work together to overcome their issues. Not to "take sides" or make judgement in any way. 

If you are experiencing difficulties in any aspect of your relationship, or the relationship overall, please contact us,  we are here to help you. 

  • Parenting

Remember when your parents said "you'll understand when you have your own kids" ?... How right they were. 

Being a parent can be life changing and infinitely joyous. It can also be just as challenging. As rewarding and fulfilling and joyous as parenting can be, it can also sometimes feel like a thankless, overwhelming, frustrating, never ending struggle. 

We've all heard it said, "they don't come with instructions".

There are countless books, articles, groups, and "experts" covering the topic of parenting. All of these can be helpful, however no-one has the formula for "perfect parenting".

Some people believe they are "bad parents" or they have "bad children".  This is not the case. Parenting issues are very common, regardless of the age of the children or individual circumstances. 

At BCAP, we don't claim to be the oracles on parenting, nor would we ever presume to tell you how to parent your child/children.

However, if you are facing any of the many challenges associated with being a parent, we can help and support you to develop and maintain strategies to navigate through the parenting maze. 


  • Abuse recovery and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Abuse takes on many forms. Verbal, emotional, physical, sexual, psychological, financial, discriminatory.

What they all have in common is the devastating affect they have on those who are forced to endure the abuse. 

Anyone can fall victim to abuse, regardless of age, gender, or individual circumstance. Survivors of abuse can often experience feelings of shame, or guilt, humiliation, fear. These feelings can often cause survivors to shut out and avoid speaking of the abuse to anyone. Meaning that too many survivors do not seek the help and support they truly need.

Recovering from abuse is a long road, but one worth travelling. Talking about it is the first step along that road. 

Let us help you minimise the impact abuse has on your life. The abuse was bad enough. Don't allow the memory of it to traumatise you all over  again.

We will help you take the power back from those memories, so that they stop standing in the way of you living a full and positive life.


  • Sex and intimacy issues

A healthy sex life is not just "lots of fun". It is also an expression of love, connection, lust, passion, and intimacy. It has the potential to help us feel better about ourselves, and life in general.

No-one is suggesting that a good sex life is the basis of all happiness. It is, however, an aspect of our lives that can impact on our outlook. 

We are surrounded by media telling us how to please our partner sexually, and how to improve our sexual prowess. 

The majority of this information is unrealistic and creates an impossible standard.

When our sex lives don't stack up to these standards, or we feel our sex life isn't satisfying or rewarding for us, or our partner, it can have a significantly negative impact on our relationships, and even our life in general. 

Whether you choose to speak with us as an individual or both partners participate in the counselling, at BCAP we are here to help you work through these issues, in a respectful, nonjudgmental, positive manner.


  • Counselling for carers

Whether it is your profession, or you find yourself in the role of carer for a loved one, it takes a special individual to perform that role.

It is a role that can be very rewarding and fulfilling. It is also a responsibility that can take an emotional, psychological and physical toll on a person. It can be exhausting, and can even lead to loneliness and isolation. 

At BCAP we understand the stresses and what it takes to be a carer. 

If you are a carer and you're experiencing these types of pressures and stresses, please contact us. We can help you manage the weight of this vital role.

If the issues or challenges you're facing are not listed above. Or you do not see the counselling service that you are seeking, it is very likely we will still have the ability to help and support you. So please, contact us to discuss your needs, and see what we can do for you. 

Counselling for your staff.

It is estimated that untreated mental health conditions cost Australian workplaces approximately $12 billion per year.

Mental health has been found to affect job involvement, productivity, loyalty, performance, absence, moral, and staff turnover.

Therefore it's no surprise that a mentally healthy workforce makes for good business.

As an employer, preventing and responding to mental health issues within your workforce will not only help avoid significant  financial costs, you will also contribute to the welfare of other human beings. 

BCAP offer individual and group sessions at your place of work, for your staff. Helping them with awareness of work related mental health issues, and teaching the skills and methods required to manage those issues. 

If you are an employer who would like to create a positive and supportive work environment for your staff, and avoid the financial burden associated with mental health issues, please contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve this. No group is too small or too big. Individual sessions are also available.   

We come to you.

BCAP is not a mobile service. However, we can come to you, by arrangement.

There are many reasons why a person who needs counselling may not be able to attend at the counselling premises. This should not mean they do not have access to the help and support they need. 

At BCAP, we can come to your home, workplace, or any place of your choosing.

If you are located on the Mornington Peninsula, we may be able to come to you by arrangement.

To find out if we can come to you, please contact us to discuss options.  


Just ask

If you have looked through all the above information and do not see anything that you believe applies to your individual needs and circumstances, or you have any questions at all regarding our services, please, just ask. 

When it comes to your welfare and happiness, there are no "silly questions". If it's important to you, it's important to us. 

Just ask...