Here's what our clients are saying about us.

We have obtained express permission from our clients to publish their comments. Whilst the gender and age descriptions are real, all names have been changed to ensure client privacy and confidentiality.  

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"BCAP saved my life. Literally saved my life."

-Chris, M,45.

"Harry helped me to understand what's important in my life, and what isn't."

-Dave, M,23.

"We were on the verge of divorce. Thanks to BCAP we are now happier than we have ever been."

-Lisa, F,32 & Phil, M,36.

"I grew up with everyone around me telling me I was no good. For many years I believed this, and my life reflected this belief. Harry helped me realise that I am the author of my story, not anyone else. I am in a much better space now. I am working, I have a great partner and I am finally enjoying life."

-Kate, F,33.

"I have been to heaps of counsellors and psychologists in my life, about my anxiety. Most of them spoke to me like I should 'know better'. Like I was a child. Harry speaks to me on my level, he takes the time and makes the effort to understand me. I will always live with my anxiety, but Harry has helped me to deal with it in a way I never thought I could. I am so grateful."

-Paul, M,48.

"After one hour with you, I have understood my situation better than I have in three years of counselling. Thank you so much!"

-Mark, M,39

"Thanks to Harry and BCAP, I can now identify the things I can control and the things I can't. I worry so much less now, and look for solutions rather than focus on problems."

-James, M,56.

"I control the narrative to my life, no-one else. I didn't know what that meant before I went to BCAP. It's the most important lesson I have ever learnt. Thank you, BCAP. Thank you, Harry."

-Mike, M,28.

"I had just about given up on counselling and therapy. I tried and tried to find someone to help me, all to no avail. I got to the stage where I had conceded I would suffer like that for the rest of my life. Someone I know recommended BCAP, and I thought it would be just another waste of time and money and energy, that would leave me disappointed and frustrated again. Going to BCAP was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I couldn't believe how much my life improved and is still improving."

-George, M,37.

"Harry treated me like a human being. Not  like a condition, or mental illness, or research subject. He was professional, kind and understanding. Helped me so much!"

-Tony, M,26.