The Process


At BCAP, we understand that seeking the help and support we need can be daunting, and finding the right counsellor, for you, can take a few tries. So we've put together a simple process to help you decide if we are a good match for you. 

Step 1. Contact us

You've made the decision to seek support.  This may be because you have reached a point where your challenges are negatively effecting your everyday life. Or maybe you are already receiving counselling and are not satisfied with your progress. Whatever the reason, you are about to take a positive step toward a fuller and more balanced life. 

You can contact us via email or telephone, through the links on our website. In most cases, we are available to speak or correspond with you immediately. If we are not able to do so, we will get back to you within ONE business day, or at a time that you specify, which is most convenient.  That's a promise. 

Step 2. Introductions

Your first meeting with us is an opportunity for us to get to know each other. There is no pressure here. It is an open, relaxed discussion about what each of us can expect. 

The counselling process is a two way street. Both counsellor and client must feel comfortable with each other, and be able to develop a trusting and honest therapeutic relationship. This is key to a positive and effective counselling experience. 

This initial session allows both counsellor and client to get acquainted, and discuss their respective expectations, responsibilities and undertakings. 

This way, you as the client, can make an informed decision on whether BCAP is the right fit for you and your counselling needs. 

Step 3. Let's get started

Once you have made the decision that BCAP is right for you, we begin the counselling the process. 

We enter into a mutual, honest, trusting dialogue and a cooperative process, that will help and support you to identify, manage the challenges, issues, and difficulties that are preventing you from living a happy and full life. 

There are no minimum sessions required. And there is no limit put on your recovery and wellbeing. 

You will not be passed on to a different counsellor every so often. You will have one trusted counsellor, who knows you and your story,  throughout your entire recovery process. 

You and your counsellor, will then work together, and together, you will determine the right amount of time you require to achieve your goals. And together you will determine when you've reached the end of your process. 


No pressure,

No minimum, no limits. The priority, and the only focus is on your wellbeing, and ability to take back control of your life. To regain the balance in your life, and live it to the fullest.